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two people shot including a four-year-old boy. we're live on the scene with breaking details. >> do you recognize this place? it's right on coastal highway. >> muggy and mild out there. we could be tracking some wet weather for tomorrow. details are coming up. >> of course money never fixes things, but it certainly does help. >> breaking ground on new live. abc2news starts right now and we begin with -- we begin with lots of breaking news. at least two people have been shot including a young child.
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christian schaffer is live on on the screen. >> that's right, shot on the hip. the injuries are not life- threatening. still a shocking thing to happen in this neighborhood at this hour. it happened in the 900 block. we're told that a young four- year-old was shot in the hip. his mother, a 33-year-old woman also shot in her upper arm. police do have a person of interest. not in custody at this hour, but someone they are trying to track down. this is a domestic incident and it happened in this block of 900 gorsuch avenue. theynot too far from the
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olioles games at the stadium. they say that they've had some concerns about this address before and now tonight they get this. and that is why a lot of them are talking about a community meeting that is happening in this community tonight in the john hopkins building tonight. mary clark is expected to be there. this shooting in which a woman and her four-year-old son were shot is not in the agenda, but you bet it will be tomorrow night. >> stay with us for the latest on this story. you can get all the details on our web site, and tune in to good mangmaryland starting -- morning maryland starting at 4:30.
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a massive fire in ocean city that broke out on 37set street. -- 37th street. the call came in just before 6:00. several fire companies responded and we'll told at least three families were displaced. the good news is no one was injured. a high speed chase that started on 83 crossed state lines and ended with a crash in roland park tonight. they ended up at north charles and greenway. they caught up with the suspect when the car crashed into a speed limit sign in the middle of this neighborhood. two teenage suspects are in custody and we're told they are run aways from a group home in pennsylvania. >> a cloudy night with some rain showers creeping in from western maryland.
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it may be a few days before these storm clouds move out. so let's check in with meteorologist mike mascans. >> the trade-off is it's pretty mild. this will turn into some rain showers. temperatures that are really mild. look at dc, still 75 degrees. north of the front, maryland is down to 62 degrees. you find some more showers down to the south. a gusta shower moving toward dc. a gusty shower moving towards dc. the full forecast is coming up. a woman is using a tragedy to call on others to get some
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training. chris brown died some years o of asphyxiation after a fight with officer james lubord. a mother is calling on getting cpr training in hopes of saving other people's lives. it's been three months since her son's death and she wants to make sure that he is not forgotten. >> every day, of course i'm thinking of how i can keep a piece of him alive. because he'll never die in my heart, but at the same time, i feel his life was cut off too soon. >> brown is also pushing for tougher criminal charges against the officer, even petitioning the court. a judge let him go free and his trial is set to begin on
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december 11th. patriots fans who chose to poke fun at the passing of tory smith's brothers. ravens fans and players jumped on katie brady and tonight she sent out an apology tweet. she says i regret my ignorant tasteless comment. we have six games left. six games that matter. tonight night the os get a well- deserved break. the fans cannot wait. jamie costello is flying high with the fans at the yard. what a night. >> it was a great night a record-tying night of 7 home runs. it is great to be young and an orioles fan.
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>> reporter: america's past time is being passed down. >> i think we're getting a lot younger. >> the orioles year on, they are all excited. like you said the whole next generations. >> reporter: the bronze phases of your -- faces of your youth have become fresh again. >> it's just fun to be here. >> i mean they really believe. >> the crowd is young. it's excited. >> we have young people like myself and and my friend here and then people my dad's age are hanging out. >> reporter: a year ago these two were the only ones in their section. a picture proves it. >> there was nobody here. so you have fans bringing whole families here. and you would have had empty seats tonight. >> reporter: buster can feel it. >> the fans are coming out of the woodwork. they all seem to be coming
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back. >> reporter: the program guide can feel it. >> oh, yeah, much younger kids. yeah. >> reporter: wake up you don't want to miss this. >> two dogs a beer and o's baseball. >> it is just a great night. three home games left against boston. that could be the earliest we could clinch on sunday, but more than likely we are going to clinch on the road in tampa. i'll have the highlights coming up. >> we have a section of your web site dedicated to our amazing orioles. you can find the stories we've done including ways to get scammed on -- avoid getting
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scammed on playoff tickets. we've been telling you this story for two years ago. from the moment that trucker fell asleep at the wheel to the long and difficult recovery of their son, matthew. this family has won the hearts of many viewers. >> you remember -- no! >> reporter: normal, of course is a relative term. but getting back to one's definition of it is often a journey to an entirely unexpected destination. it was two summers ago when ed slatterly lost his wife susan to a trucker and his teenage son, only to fall in love all over again with who he is. >> i love you.
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>> reporter: it's a father-son bond as strong as this tragedy is sad. this family has been tirelessly rebuilding their lives. but they can finally put some of this back together. >> we're excited because for the next two weeks they will be out here pouring cement and things will start moving pretty quickly. >> it could take up to a year to build their new home. >> reporter: an accessible house house. you can see there is an open floor plan or universal concept to accommodate the wheelchair. walls, ed says, are the enemy.
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that will be a therapy pool designed from the ground up for wheels down. >> that was the number one goal from the outside is the. we -- from the outside. >> reporter: ed bridge and his partners have been designing this home for nine months. a house to become their new home. >> the concept of this house was find a new normal and that was both a new normal for matthew. so how can we create a place that isn't normal for regular residents, but allows this family to kind of resume a life of normality. >> reporter: and their new version of it. but this house is not without a nod to the past. the cement wall against the back of the house will be a memorial to susan.
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>> you just take this seriously because you want it to be right. we want them to move in and for it to work functionally and it to feel right and give them a new home so that they can launch in the new life. >> you are a good guy, buddy. >> reporter: a new life caused by the truck that hit the family's car and made possible with the settlement made bay that company. how they gave to the fire house that responded to the fire in ohio, and now a million over ten years to kennedy criggrr right at home. -- the slatries known they were fortunate enough to barely escape an all too common reality. >> we will be okay for the rest
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of our lives, and that's the idea of lawsuits is that you make people as whole as you can. and of course money never fixes things, but it certainly does help. >> reporter: helping them move on while helping others in two different states begin to do the same. the slatries' house shad take shape in the next couple weeks and be completed by this time next year. cup at eleven. redeption for the os tonight and what a sweet win it was. >> seven home runs. we're live with the highlights coming up next. >> again on android and the iphone, take a look at our app. the radar is looking good.
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how about 74. details are coming up. >> you have a chance to make some very decisions in the lives of other maryland residents. how will you vote? when we come back in just 60 seconds. anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere. a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland...
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taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember... they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven. the maryland dream act will appear on your ballot in november. it's designed to help some undocumented immigrants go to college at the in-state discounted rate. what those fraand against the -- for and against the ballot proposal are doing this week. >> reporter: you are looking at our future leaders. high school students who will not have an official say, but who are still involved. >> i am open minded to the struggles of other people. >> reporter: through the
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direction of the non-profit group the intersection they are going to speak out on maryland ballots. they will knock on several thousand doors and hold a news conference. >> we believe that every child in maryland deserves a high- quality education. >> reporter: on the same night, they got together a few hundred people who say the dream athis anything -- act is anything but a dream. they join more than 130,000 people to push a referendum to push the final say to voters. it would allow immigrants to pay in-state tuition. students would have to attend community college for two years before applying to a state college or an university. >> they are not really maryland citizens. >> i don't think my children
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should have to pay regular children and illegals get a benefit. >> reporter: they are the same people who will work polls on election day, the same people who are pushing voters to check yes to the dream act. >> reporter: cheryl conner, abc2news. >> now members of the group hold a news conference on saturday morning before they go and knock on five thousand doors? do you plan to vote on the dream act? a marketing survey shows that 58 percent of maryland residents do. some of the other hot button issues, 54% said you are voting for barack obama, 51% said they would vote for same-sex marriage, only 41% said you would vote to expand gambling.
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remember that electricity's coming up -- election day is coming up november 5th. will he make it to the playoffs? jamie costello joins us now. i guess it depends on how the other teams play. >> that's right. the orioles have got to win, friday, sad, and sunday -- saturday and sunday against the boston red sox. and really the los angeles angels followed by the tampa bay rays. if they lose and the oralioles continue -- it was just a great game. bottom of the first, dave mccloud leads off with a home run. we had an onslaught of home runs tonight. chris davis had two.
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many muchatfo had two. they have hit 215 on the year. it was a great win. 12-2. orioles had to keep on winning. hopefully the yankees will stop smelling orange in the water. just keep winning and we'll be there. back to you, kelly. >> jamie is sweating out there. let's step out and take a look. clouds are in place and it's muggy and feels like summer out there. bwu reports 69 degrees. that south westerly wind has ushered in a lot of moisture. 68 over the eastern shore. now you notice frederick at 63, 62, well that's the influence of some showers and a front that's up in the norths.
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note the 5, 6, 7-mile an hour winds, and our dew point numbers are running between 63 to 67, so that is a sticky feel. noontime temperature of about 76. it's mild and scatters showers and storms throughout the afternoon. and note aswarm temperature of 78 degrees around the 4:00 hour. maryland's most powerful doppler radar is showing all clear right now. it's been an interesting evening watching storms developing around pennsylvania. there is a huge storm rolling into dc at this hour. we'll go off to the west and notice more showers and storms firing up. and this is what will bring us here in the state a chance of a
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shower or thunderstorm. this is what the focus of some showers and storms for us, not only tomorrow, but also going into friday and the weekend t looked like the -- it looks like the potential of a shower or storm. you notice that's where the front is. future trends are showing tomorrow morning, some clouds, showers north. if you're taking 83 up towards york, you're going to run into a rumble or perhaps two of thunder. again for the evening, we have the ravens game that we have to keep an eye on and everything is supposed to shift towards the south. so 65 in town tonight. mostly cloudy and very mild. we have another balmy 80
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degrees. bring the rain gear just in case for the ravens game. around 62 or 63 for the game. spouty showers for -- spouty showers for now and then back to normal for the weekend. more abc2news is coming up next. but first here is a look at nightline. >> a new look at the new school lunch guide lines. plus j.k. roling tells me about a new book. that's coming up at abc2news at eleven. ñqp@"
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if there's such a thing as the opposite of clear blue care been waters. -- caribbean waters. it's this the result of two million of renovations for this algae-filled mess. this include adnew system drawing water from the algae friendly basin instead of drinking water. of course, mike, we have a new weatherman in town and he's making some bold predictions for the winter. meet baltimore bill. >> so we got baltimore bill.
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>> flipping coins in the weather center. is it mostly cloudy or partly sunny? >> you call it. >> i have a forecast here right now. not the good side. well tomorrow morning, there's a lot of clouds. , 65 degrees it's a mild lunchtime. not a wide-spread deal, but at know point we could see a shower or storm pop up. keep an eye to the sky. friday, same deal. less of intensity at 76 and then spotty showers over the weekend with a temperature around 730. we'll wrap the 11:00 news up coming up after this break. [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale.
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all right orange tie, orange jacket. put it aside tomorrow and back in the purple. all right we will see you tomorrow here on abc2news. and don't forget about good morning maryland starting at 4:30. have a great night. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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